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The main theme of my work is our relationship with nature and the landscape. I enjoy working in Oils and two methods of Printmaking: Collagraphs and Linocuts using oil-based inks. One aspect of the work I have called  ‘Human Traces’:  imaginary landscapes in which there are signs of past habitation.‘Shelter’ is another theme which I have explored with a series of Cornish Harbour linocuts. Six of these have been successfully reproduced as Greeting Cards:  Looe; Falmouth; Low Tide, Polperro; Padstow; Mousehole and St Ives.

“I have always enjoyed making things. Handling materials, shaping them and forming them into finished objects which 'feel right' I find satisfying. I don't feel the need to 'copy nature' so this allows me to explore structure, surface and colour with freedom."

The art critic Stella Seaton-Sims writing about the Birmingham Art Circle and Shapeshifters Exhibition at the RBSA Gallery, Mar 2016, commenting on my work says:

'Perhaps the winner of the Birmingham Art Circle President's Award summed up the exhibition as a whole. Its 'Human Traces', painted in beautiful mixed blues, ochres and greens - with hints of structure and line amidst impressions of the natural world - signified, for me, humanity's existence, activity and influence on Earth in space ... life's journey...'.

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