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Recent Paintings

"Harbour Studio St Ives"
Mixed media
500 mm x 490 mm

"St Ives Harbour Studio"
Mixed Media
870 mm x 730 mm

"Looe Harbour Studio"
400mm X 420mm

"Harbour Studio, Looe"
340mm X 340mm

"Falmouth Studio"
400 X 420mm

"Padstow Studio"
750mm x 730mm

"Mousehole Studio 2"
640mm x 755mm

"Polperro Studio"
730mm x 730mm (frame size)
Recent Linocuts


"Mousehole 1"

380mm x 360mm


"Mousehole 2"

380mm x 360mm


380mm x 470mm



390mm x 350mm

"Cornish Harbours"


480mm x 470mm (frame size)

280mm x 280mm (image size)


480mm x 470mm (frame size)

280mm x 280mm (image size)

"Low Tide, Polperro"

480mm x 470mm


"Padstow Harbour"

480mm x 470mm

"Polperro Harbour 1"

390mm x 470mm

"Mevagissey Harbour"

370mm x 470mm

"Mousehole Harbour"

490mm x 490mm

"Inner Harbour, Newlyn"

490mm x 430mm

"St Michael's Mount Harbour"

490mm x 490mm

"Inner Harbour, Penzance"

330mm x 450mm


"St Ives Harbour"

440mm x 490mm


Collagraph Prints

"Structure (Variation 1)"

"Structure (Variation 2)"

"Standing Stone"

"Blueprint for a Place of Worship"

"Totem" 220mm x 220mm


"Structures in a Landscape 1"

380mm x 315mm

"Landscape Structure 1"

260mm x 420mm

"Landscape Structure 2"

260mm x 420mm

Works in Mixed Media Oil

"Mousehole Studio 1"

610mm x 710mm Frame Size

490mm x 600mm Image Size

"Carcassone 2"

"Interior with Open Window 1"

"Interior with Open Window 2"

"Strata 3"

"Easter Landscape 2"

"Submerged 1" 

"Landscape with Trees 4" 


510mm x 630mm (Frame Size)

270mm x 410mm (Image Size)

"Mountain Landscape 3"

500mm x 790mm

"Human Traces 1"

530mm x 810mm

"Carcassonne 1"

590mm x 690mm

"Sanctuary 1"

590mm x 750mm

"Easter Landscape 1"

630mm x 610mm

"Landscape with Trees 6"

590mm x 630mm

"Sanctuary 2"

590mm x 750mm

"Construction in Red"

470mm x 770mm

"Easter Landscape 3"

630mm x 610mm

"Easter Landscape 4"

630mm x 610mm

"Easter Landscape 5"

670mm x 650mm

"Easter Landscape 6"

670mm x 650mm

"Landscape With Trees"

870mm x 550mm

"Human Traces 4"

870mm x 550mm

"Submerged 2"

490mm x 590mm

"Mountain Landscape 2"

500mm x 790mm

"Human Traces 2"

700mm x 540mm

"Human Traces 3"

700mm x 540mm

"Sculpture Park"

450mm x 550mm


"Desert City"

730mm x 730mm

RBSA Gallery opening times:

10.30am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri

10.30am - 5.00pm Sat

1.00pm - 5.00pm Sun

The main reason for setting up this website was to have an online portfolio available for anyone to browse at their convenience.

The images opposite are intended to give an overview of framed work which is currently available for purchase and includes measurements (of frame). Simply 'click' the image to open a new window showing a larger, more detailed version.

If you are interested in seeing any of the paintings in person, or would like to know more about my work, then please go to the contact details page.


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